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Endo-Model SL

Ротационные и шарнирные эндопротезы Endo-Model® SL® 

Endo-Model® SL® is part of the SL® Knee Family Concept. The kinematics and anchoring principles of the rotational and hinge knee are based on the Endo-Model® solution for the fixed-hinge knee replacement, which has been successfully proven for decades, with LINK as its leader. The technology behind the rotational and hinge-knee prosthesis Endo-Model® has consequently found a multitude of uses. The Endo-Model® SL® constitutes a knee component of the MEGASYSTEM-C®. Identical resection cuts give the surgeon the necessary intraoperative flexibility for a situation-dependent decision for choosing the GEMINI® SL® surface replacement or the Endo-Model® SL®.

LINK® Endo-Model® SL® Knee Prosthesis Resection cuts compatible with the GEMINI® SL® surface replacement New innovative joint mechanism: simple and safe Intraoperative choice between rotational and hinge mechanism Compatible with implants of the MEGASYSTEM-C®